Getting Started

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    When you get here to the community forum, set up your profile, read some of the threads, get an idea of which groups you want to join and start some conversations. If you have your maximus statement use part of that for your profile name. Set up a time with Ken (Warhorse) to do your introduction video to introduce yourself to the men. Get going on the telegram if you haven’t already. Get the Telegram app and get on with us to get on our chat.

    On the Dash, the podcast tile has tons of stuff to listen to including recordings of all the lessons. You can find those in PDF form on the Documents tab as well. There are some introduction videos to meet the guys as well on the introductory videos tab. On the Events tab on the Dash and on this forum you can find the zoom invite for the weekly zoom meetup. Just ask any question if you have any and let’s get you into the conversation.

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