Solid Brotherhood

What is a brotherhood worth to you? What is the value of other men with the courage to face the unknown and embrace the challenge of becoming the men they know they were created to be? The answer is the same value attached by men throughout the ages who forged the bonds of brotherhood in hardship, battle, conquest, and victory.

The Solid Brotherhood is an online gathering committed to building internally focused men of integrity through ongoing interaction, active education, and challenge from other men. Access to the Brotherhood provides personal support through weekly group calls, email interaction, online forum, access to the Solid Man Wisdom Cache, quarterly local gatherings and reduced rates for all Solid Man growth options. The Solid Brotherhood provides the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with other men who are on a similar journey of building personal strength and healthy relationships.


Solid Man Brotherhood Membership includes the following:

  • A Brotherhood of Men focused on building the same quality and adventurous life that you are.
  • Support, Challenge, and Fun. Creating a new life of internally focused masculinity ain't boring.
  • Online Forum to grow your relationships with other men and find the support you need when you need it.
  • Wisdom Cache of materials, resources, and media to accelerate your growth, including: Exclusive Videos

    • Members-only and early access podcasts
    • PDF worksheets, resources, and guides to download and use on your journey
    • Online Courses and guidance to help chart your own growth - Book Reviews so you don't have to guess about which ones are worth reading
    • Access to other learning tools only available to members of the Brotherhood

  • Reduced Rates through bi-annual and annual membership means more resources to apply to your family and loved ones.
  • Weekly Calls create a forum to ask the hard questions, be challenged, and grow with other men.
  • Email Access to Ken Curry to deepen your exploration into the uncharted territories of your soul.
  • Local Quarterly Meetups for men in and around Denver provide face to face time with other men.
  • Reduced Rates on all Solid Man events and courses including: - $50 off coaching sessions - $100 off the Solid Man Accelerator - $500 off the Solid Man Expedition - The weekly call is FREE ($50 value)

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