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Start Here to build your strong SOLID CORE.

Get started now to become the man you know you are, the man you want to be. No matter where you are in life the time is now. If you continue to wait around, you’ll keep on repeating the same old stuff. I’ve been through this, and I’ve developed the process. You will benefit from the work I have done to get yourself on the road to personal strength. There are no excuses. It is time to break free!

There are tons of reasons to get started now! Can’t get life right? Your relationships stink? You get sucked into porn or other BS? Do you feel stuck in life? Anxiety and depression haunting you? Career going nowhere? Too much anger in your life? Do you want to be a better husband and father, but you repeat the same old mistakes? Feel like you are damned if you do or damned if you don’t? Have you believed that if you do the right things and make certain people happy, then you’ll will get what you want? But you have found out that hasn’t worked, but now you’re more angry and confused than ever? Do you even know what you want? There are tons of reasons to look at this pathway – But The most important reason to get started is because you want this!

If any of these define your life, It is time to Start the Journey to become a Solid Man.

There is no better time to start than NOW! Most of us are natural problem solvers and fixers. It is one of our greatest strengths. Being a fixer often gets in the way in a relationship, but here it will be your strength. The internal do it yourself problem-solving fixer skill will get you where you want to be with your manhood and life.

All the tools you need to become a Solid Man Do it yourself manhood already exist inside of you. You may have gotten the message that you are broken, messed up or incomplete. Not true. You have what it takes and all you have to do is find your heart and bring it to life. Let’s get this started.

Five things you will need to develop a SOLID CORE.

1) Desire – YOU must want this.

Becoming a Solid Man requires a strong personal and internal drive. For too long most of us have put our core desires and wants to the wayside. You have got to want the change for it to happen. And you have got to want it for you. If you do this to please your woman, to save your marriage or if you do this to get laid more, it will fail. Becoming a Solid Man is about you developing into a strong healthy man – so you can love well and influence your world in powerful ways. But you must start from your wants, desires and passion.

2) A Map

You will need to know and learn the direction, concepts, pathway, pitfalls and goals that move you toward being a Solid Man. Becoming a Solid Man is a process. I have mapped out this process. Take the core components of the Solidman process, combine them with other resources and custom design your own personal journey toward becoming the man you want to be. Talk to me and we’ll develop a strategy for you.

3) Outside Resources

Attitude of Learning – If you don’t read much, start. There are a ton of books and blogs out there that will open your eyes to what it means to be a solid integrated man. Start with my book, Awakening the Internal or Glover’s No More Mr. Nice Guy, Athol Kay’s Married Man Sex Life Primer or Dieda’s The Way of The Superior Man. Read some blogs; The Rational Male, Dalrock, or The Red Pill Room to start. Get ready to go down the Rabbit Hole because there is so much developing in our culture right now about what it means to be a man and how to reclaim the lost art of being good at being a man. Google the term “manosphere” or “red pill” to see what I mean.

Groups – If you live in the Denver Metro are you can become involved with one of my groups. If not, I can coach you to get your own group started where you live. Get others involved with your journey, and join them in theirs. If you’re not in Colorado we can do online counseling from all around the world. Consider starting with the Solid Man Accelerator to get a jump-start.

One on One Men’s Counseling – Most counselors/therapists have no clue about the struggles men face in our culture today. They are quick to pathologically diagnose with sex addiction, depression, anxiety disorder or narcissism. There is always something wrong with you. Since most schools of therapy are highly influenced by feminism, often the perspective is that just being male is pathology. This is true for male therapists as well. Do your homework and ask the questions beforehand. There are good therapists out there, but you will have to weed through the mess to find them.

I work from a foundation of respect and profound respect for masculinity. Masculinity is good and when we learn how to move and love from confidence in our core, we influence and experience our world in ways you never dreamed could happen. Start counseling with me, make the investment, it is worth it to change the direction of your life forever!

Ask For Help – ask for help along the way. There are so many resources out there to come alongside you to get you where you need to go; trainers, pastors, a coach, docs, etc… Health problems? get it checked by a Doctor. If you’re in a spiritually dark, empty place, talk to a spiritual adviser or pastor. Get your health upgraded; start exercising, lose your gut, eat right, stretch, hire a trainer. Get off the couch; go on a moratorium from video gaming, gambling or porn. Get your butt outside, meet new people, catch up with friends, start a hobby, or reconnect with good male friends. Get some professional training for work, get the certification you need for advancement, or finish that degree. Just start moving! Be responsible to get the help you need, don’t wait.

4) Other Men

You MUST have other men in your life; men who know who you really are, know your story, know your darkness and who don’t put up with your BS. The lack of male relationships is an epidemic and part of the root problem to begin with. You must have men who are on a similar journey. Find other men, challenge and invite them along with you. Becoming a Solid Man will never happen without other men in your life. Build your Mt. Rushmore!

5) Practice

Remember this is a journey and a process. It will take time, coaching and energy to be able to learn how to drive your own bus the way it been designed. Your life has been designed to be lived with an INTERNAL POINT OF REFERENCE. Often, men won’t start or practice something because they may suck at it. Don’t let that stop you. Building a Solid life takes practice just like any sport, musical instrument or vocational skill.

Practice requires that you embrace clumsiness and failure until you begin to master something. Remember what it felt like to change your golf grip? or embracing a more efficient management style at work? It was awkward, clumsy and took time and intent to master it. Be patient, be persistent and stay with it.

Two things you won’t need.

1) Permission

Men who live a flabby, externally driven nice guy life, are always are looking for someone else to give them the “go-ahead” to make a decision. This is a huge obstacle. You don’t need permission. This is your life. Don’t wait for someone else to get permission. Especially don’t wait for your life to disintegrate before you make changes. Decide now and make it so.

2) Money

It is possible to do this on a very strict budget. Read the books from the library. Subscribe to men’s blogs. Join men’s groups in the community. Develop your own groups. There are things that will take some money, so find a “patron” to invest in your life; an uncle, grandmother, friend of the family, church benevolence, whatever you need to do to get into counseling with Ken, Ask if they will fund your journey. If you want to make this happen, you can do this on a tight budget. You just have to want it.

Often money is just an excuse. Most of us can find the money to invest in counseling to get this process started and going. No more excuses. Make the Investment for your life.

All the tools you need to become a Solid Man already exist inside of you. Make it happen.

Develop your SOLID CORE.

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