Let’s Discover a Life Worthy of Legend.

Let’s Discover a Life Worthy of Legend.

No one holds the map to your life or the path to your recovery but you.

It’s inside. The map is hidden in the unexplored territories of your soul. It’s wilder and more beautiful than you can possibly imagine. If you’re ready, we will chart it together. We will create an epic new story for your life, the kind that heroes dream of.


What Is Solid Man®?

The Solid Man Process is for the man who knows there is more to life than his slow and average demise. He has caught a glimpse of the wild territory in his own heart and is prepared to embrace the brutal honesty and courage needed to explore what lies beyond the limits set by others.

The path is difficult and success is not guaranteed. But, it is completely worth the effort. Take the first steps off the beaten path of average manhood and dive into the greatest challenge you'll ever know.

  • Your heart will be set free.
  • You will become the man you were meant to be.
  • You will overcome your most difficult challenges.
  • You will engage your world with healthy masculine presence.

If anger, porn, or anxiety have taken you out, if your relationships have taken a beating; Solid Man reclaims the territory that's been lost.

The Solid Man Process is for men who are ready to embrace the hard work ahead. It’s not easy, it will take intention, focus and challenge. You will push into discomfort, uncertainty and exercise parts of you that have lain dormant for too long. You will question all you’ve been told. There are no promises; you may or may not save your marriage. You may or may not eliminate addiction, but you will grow, relational success will increase, and you will cultivate inner strength.

Meet Your Guide


Ken Curry


My name is Ken Curry, I am a husband, a father and a mentor to men. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and I am passionate about empowering men. That’s what I do.

You may have believed a story about you that is not true. You’ve believed it without questioning and it has shut you down, shut you up and works to keep you in line. That’s not how men were created to live.

That’s the way I was. From the beginning, I was taught to question myself and my capabilities. I was told lies about life and who I was. I questioned my worth and value as a young man. I thought something was wrong with me. I had no confidence, presence or influence, always striving to make up for some internal deficit. But, deep inside I knew I had so much more in me.

You may have felt this way too, that something was wrong with you and you had to prove yourself to others, living to make sure everyone else is happy while inside you were empty. You are reading this because you know this has not worked for you and you want some answers.

I wanted answers too. So, I committed to finding out the truth. As I gathered information and discovered practical steps my life started to change. I began to stand up, speak up, and face my fears. My internal confidence and true identity grew - Solid Man was born.

I found truth that changed my work, my life, my marriage, and my faith. I did the work and it changed my life. That same truth is there for any man to claim.

As you do the work, you will gain integrity and begin to trust yourself. You’ll discover that you are whole and complete. You’ll find out like I did, that you are good enough, not perfect, but enough. I found out my true identity and what I am capable of, you will as well.

The process I developed changed my life and the lives of hundreds of other men. The Solid Man Process is very real. I am proof!

What’s In It For You?

  • number-01

    Quit being tossed around by the words and opinions of others.

    Perhaps it's your wife, your parents, or a boss, whoever it is, you have allowed an external voice to dictate who you are. The Solid Man Process moves you decisively to an internally referenced life. You become the voice that matters. The key is to tap into the power of a cohort of men that are passionate about reclaiming their life.

  • number-02

    Dig up and destroy the roots of your self-limiting behaviors once and for all.

    We all carry wounds and some degree of trauma from simply living on the planet. Pinpoint those that hide under the surface and destroy their power to derail your momentum in life.

  • number-03

    Grow beyond the doubters, skeptics, and critics that keep you stuck.

    No one can argue against undeniable change. Your wife may roll her eyes at first, but that will stop when she sees the new man that emerges from the shell she knew. When transformation is self-evident no words are needed. 

It doesn't matter how many times you have tried in the past and failed, there is hope. Any man, willing to put in the effort to confront the change that is possible can be transformed. 

We’re looking for men willing to invest their lives in the adventure of a lifetime. No guarantee of success, only hard work, painful introspection, never before seen vistas, and awe-inspiring visions of what God designed you to be.

Colorado Locals

If you happen to live in the Denver area or anywhere along the Front Range, Solid Man offers a number of groups, individual and marriage counseling. Just let Ken know your questions and we will get you set up with what you need.

Solid Man Tools & Opportunities

Here are the core options to get you moving forward. Find what works for you, let us know if you have any questions about the Solid Man process. If you don't know where to start, set up a 50-minute initial coaching call and we'll discover the best next step towards being the Solid Man you were created to become.

The Solid Brotherhood

Most men today try to go it alone. But if we are going to be as strong as we can, we need other men in our lives. We need these primary relationships with men for support, challenge, fun and to expand our influence. These lifelong relationships will develop your frame, support your relationships and help you become the man you want to be.

The Solid Brotherhood is an online community that will craft your masculine strength with a cohort of select men. You will be guided by Ken Curry and a community of men focused on growth and discovery. You will have access to tons of resources.

You will be with men who have worked through the Solid Man Process and men who are doing it presently. If you think you are ready for something like this, click the tab below for more information and to get started.

Cost: $65-$41 / Month


50-minute Initial Coaching Session

Being a Solid Man will not eliminate the mysteries or difficulties of life, but it will give you the tools to embrace each moment as it comes and to navigate life with confidence.

Ken's coaching is a customized process of teaching, challenging, equipping, and practicing the skills you need to become a solid man. Sessions are online and you will have access to the entire Solid Man Process for your journey to build your strength.

If you are ready or if you have more questions, please contact Ken using the form below and we will get your questions answered or get something set up. I am aware that getting started with something like this is daunting, just get started with asking some questions.

Cost: $50.00 (regularly $175)


Solid Man® Accelerator

The Accelerator is an intense immersion into the Solid Man Process. You will find a clear path toward a radical transformation of your life. You will get to the core of your life difficulties and begin to develop the life you want. This is a process designed to set you free to be the man you were made to be.

Cost: $1,995.00 to $990 — Space Is Limited


Hear Ken Speak At The


21 Summit

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA | October 21-24, 2023

Use the coupon code KEN25 for an extra 25% off.

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