Solid Man® Accelerator

Jump-start your journey. If you have the sense that you want to go in headfirst and get moving, this is for you. The Accelerator is a quick start on the path toward change to where you want to be in your life. It will be a catalyst to get you unstuck and moving forward in a significant direction.

This life-changing weekend will take you away from distractions, give you an opportunity to focus on your journey and attend to some deep personal work with other men on a similar path. We will explore some territory that’s been dormant for some time. It will take courage and be somewhat vulnerable, but you will begin to chart your inner life and begin to move with more presence, intention and purpose than you’ve felt in quite some time.

I took advantage of this kind of life-changing event three times in my life. Once when I was stuck in my life and work and direction and had no idea how to get out of the mud. Once when I was in absolute need to process my father-wound that went deep into my identity as a person and as a man. Another time I needed time away to sort out my marriage and who I was as a husband, father and in my manhood.

These moments when I stopped everything to go learn and process from some very wise men; Al Andrews, Don Hudson, John Eldredge and Dr. Robert Glover (to name a few of them), changed everything for me and allowed me an opportunity to stop and observe life from a different angle.

This type of event requires you to be open and personally available for anything. You may be desperate, lost or stuck. You may be caught in some deep shit or things may be falling apart. If it is time and you are at a very teachable moment in your life, then this may be for you.

If you have a closed heart and cynical of this kind of event, this is not for you, you’ll need to stay away - for now.

But if you feel like it is time, you are ready, then I invite you to talk to me about the possibilities of the upcoming events. Just let me know and get the application process started.

There are two Accelerator options. Both options require that you are here in Colorado for a great weekend (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon). Travel is your responsibility. Feel free to arrive early or stay longer so you can enjoy what our great state has to offer before or after the event. If you want recommendations regarding things to do and lodging, please check out our resources page.

Option 1 is held at an undisclosed location, usually at a cabin in the Colorado foothills. Food and lodging are provided during the event. The experience is a very connected setting with the other men who are attending and me. Accelerator 1 is $2,995 and is limited to 6 men.

Option 2 is held at my local office. You will be responsible for lodging at a hotel nearby and for your food. We will meet for approximately 15 hours of instruction and interaction. You will have optional experiences with the other men. Accelerator 2 is $990 and is limited to 12 men.

Solid Man Accelerator


The Solid Man Accelerator is an intense life immersion into the Solid Man Process.

Join us in this transformational event in Beautiful Colorado.

Contact Ken to discuss Dates/Times, your possibilities and to develop a customized plan for your journey.

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