Creating Your Own Mount Rushmore

A Solid Man develops strong relationships with other men. He needs other men in his life in order to gain strength, be accountable, deal with his BS and to have fun. Other men are absolutely essential to live a Solid life, there is no other option.

MLB Manager Clint Hurdle uses the analogy of having your own personal Mount Rushmore; Four good, solid men who are with you in the journey of life. He is spot on.

You need at least four men who know your story, know your dirty laundry, know your struggles, know you and your family and have absolute permission to talk about any issue of life in reciprocal fashion. It is necessary to be in contact often. Guys night out once a month would work, but hunting once in the Fall is not enough. This isn’t about just getting together to bemoan life, but having fun in life and passion, supporting when things come up and walking through the ups and downs of life in real time.

Most men have neglected this area of life. We may have one or two friends who we do things with every once in awhile, but never veer from sports, politics or any other shallow topic. Men who struggle with porn, substance abuse, anger and other problems rarely have good, strong male relationships.

So, who is on your Mount Rushmore? How could you begin to create it? Start by making a list of men who could be on your Mt. Rushmore. Then either talk to them about this concept and see if they are interested, or just start making it happen.

Another perspective is from the movie/documentary Five Friends. Check it out at

Create your Solid Life!

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