No More SORRYman

A solid man lives unapologetically.

Here’s your challenge; never say the words “I’m Sorry” ever again in your life. If you make a mistake, own it and say “I was wrong when I .” or “I made a mistake when I .” But never say “I’m Sorry”. Those words have become meaningless and they are just a brush off to get people to back off. A solid man has no problem owning his mistakes and is humble enough to recognize when he causes pain in someone’s life.

I actually believe the three most powerful words in a relationship are not “I Love You”, but “I Was Wrong”. It is important to use them only when you do something wrong, never to reduce conflict or to gain positive attention. There is no reason to be a dick and not recognize your periodic negative influence in the world; own it, admit it and move on. But don’t apologize for your existence or for your presence.

Unapologetic living requires that you know you true narrative. For most of us, our true narrative is that we are good men moving through life with the desire to provide good things for ourselves and the people around us. Sometimes we will fall short, but even then we maintain our solid narrative.

The SORRYman makes excuses for himself, apologizes even when he didn’t do anything wrong, tries to appease the world with apologetic posture and always puts himself in the submissive role.

Pay attention to how often you say I’m sorry in your emails, with your woman, at work, wherever you are. Observe and see if you are SORRYman. If you see a trend, take the challenge; stop saying the words “I’m Sorry” and start saying “I was wrong” when you actually make a mistake. See how this changes anything. You’ll be surprised how you feel and by the pushback you get.

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