Solid Man Accelerator


The Solid Man Accelerator is an intense life immersion into the Solid Man Process.

Join us in this transformational event in Beautiful Colorado.

Contact Ken to discuss Dates/Times, your possibilities and to develop a customized plan for your journey.

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The Solid Man Accelerator is an intense life immersion into the Solid Man Process.

The Solid Man Process is a clear path toward the transformation of your life. You will get to the core of your life difficulties and begin to develop the life you want.

The Solid Man Process is designed to set you free to be the man you have been made to be. You will reclaim your heart and your integrity. You will develop courage and confidence in the face of real life. You will develop strong personal practices for a life of vitality. Your masculinity will be respected for the goodness and power it holds. You will develop understanding and confidence in your relationships and community.

You will master the art of being a man.

Accelerator Benefits:

  1. 12 hours of personal, customized face to face coaching with Ken. Your availability to meet in Denver will determine if this is face to face or online. Weekend intensive is a maximum of 8 hrs. face to face. The rest will be follow-up online or another weekend.
  2. Ongoing connection with Ken through email
  3. Access to all Solid Man materials
  4. Interaction with other men through online community boards (pending)
  5. Upgrade potential to include increased time with Ken
  6. Potential to experience the Accelerator as a group

The Accelerator requires a significant financial investment into transforming your life. It will be between $1395 and $2995, depending on your choice of options. The above package is $1995. With your investment, you will invigorate your life through activating the Solid Man processes. Contact Ken now to discuss the customized possibilities.


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