Sign up for the Biannual membership in the Solid Brotherhood below.

The biannual membership gives you access to all materials and events of the Solid Brotherhood with good use of your hard-earned cash.

You will belong in a great group of men, who are there on the journey with you for support, growth and community.

Being a part of the Solid Brotherhood will require some of your time and focus, it will be up to you how much you engage. Some guys are all in; interacting with the groups, moving through the lessons and building relationships. You can do this at your pace, with whatever time you have. If you can, dive all the way in.

The Solid Brotherhood biannual membership offers greater savings over the monthly membership rates by charging you every 6 months. If you would like to save even more, then purchase the annual plan for the maximum discount or choose the monthly plan for smaller payments.

Solid Man Brotherhood Membership provides the following resources for your journey:

  • You’ll belong to a Brotherhood of Men focused on building the same high quality and adventurous life that you want.
  • You’ll engage in the Solid Man Process; a strong and intentional step-by-step path of personal growth designed by Ken to build your Solid Internal Frame, so you can be the man you were designed to be and build the life you want.
  • You’ll have Support, Challenge, and Fun. You’ll create a new life of internally focused masculinity, that is not boring.
  • You’ll have access to Community Discussions; The ongoing private conversations will develop relationships with other men and give you the support you need when you need it.
  • You’ll be in our Groups; Right now we have support groups for Sexual Integrity, Divorce Recovery, Building your Career, Relationships, Dating, Physical Well-being, Fatherhood, Monthly Challenges and Faith Conversations.
  • You’ll have access to the Wisdom Cache; This is a huge and growing resource of materials and media to accelerate your growth:
    • Members-only exclusive access to podcasts and recordings.
    • PDF worksheets and documents to read for your journey.
    • Book Reviews so you don't have to guess about which books are worth reading.
    • Online Courses and guidance to help chart your own growth –
    • Access to all the lessons of the Solid Man Process either for reading or listening.
    • Access to other learning tools only available to members of the Brotherhood.
  • You can join the Weekly Calls; We review the concepts, we ask the hard questions, we challenge and get to know the other men.
  • You’ll have Email Access to Ken Curry, LMFT for questions and strategizing on your journey.
  • You can join Local Quarterly Meetups for men in and around Denver provide face to face time with other men.
  • You’ll get significantly Reduced Rates; for individual sessions with Ken (either 1 hour or ½ hour sessions), and 25% off on all Solid Man events. This is so worth the full subscription, just the weekly call alone is a $55 value (the going weekly rate of my regular groups). Multiply that by 52 weeks a year and just that is worth $2800.

When you subscribe on this page, you'll get full access to the entire Solid Man Process with a biannual billing process, twice a year. Remember, if you dive in and engage, you won't be disappointed.

As always, if you have questions let me know. I don't want you to do this unless you are excited about the possibilities.