Solid Integrity

A Solid Man has integrity.

Integrity is a defining factor of any man who embodies true masculinity and manhood.

Integrity usually is thought of as being honest. This is true, but there is so much more to it. Websters defines integrity using the words; incorruptibility, soundness and completeness.

Integrity requires an internal structure, like a building with “structural integrity” will not collapse even under extreme conditions. A solid, immovable internal structure is our goal in the journey of XVI.

Integrity requires integration, in which a system or a person lives in a holistic way, bringing all parts of himself into complete working order. Most of us have lost the ability to integrate important parts of ourselves, like emotions, sexuality, relationships, power, bodily functions and spiritual aspects of life; therefore losing our integrity.

Integrity requires wholeness, like an integer. A whole number is complete, lacking in nothing. A solid man of integrity is whole and complete. This is not to say a Solid Man is an island who does not need any one else. Other people in his life are absolutely necessary for a full life of thriving, but he is internally solid.

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