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We all start life thinking we are the center of the universe. As we mature we realize that we are part of something much greater than ourselves, that there is something going on in the universe that totally transcends us. There is something or someone beyond us that existed before we existed and will exist long after we are gone. Understanding the fact that we are limited and being not all powerful is a primary aspect of being human. It’s what gives a sense of awe. It is what makes you feel small and even some angst when you lay under the stars, or places you in wonder during a sacred moment.

Something or someone is the source of life. In order to be a Solid Integrated Man, a man must find his true SOURCE, the place from which life is provided. Life is given to you in your breath, in your passions and in your daily provisions. Life is found in being present in mundane and amazing experiences. Life is found in fullness of relationships and connection. Life comes from pursuing our dreams and becoming yourself in new ways. Life is found in tension and personal growth. All these experiences come from a source of abundance. So, where does “life” come from? Life comes from somewhere and is provided for us on a minute by minute basis. What/Who is this SOURCE?

Many have discovered their source to be in God (and the many forms people believe). Some will call their source the ‘Universe” or “Whatever/Whoever is out there”. Some see the source of life as a gigantic system which is evolving and developing. Your SOURCE provides the opportunity for you to live for this present moment on this Earth for whatever purpose you’ve been called to.

For you where does life come from? What or Who is your source? It is an important part of the journey toward maturity to ponder and discover your true source of life. To have a solid life, you must develop a strong daily practice to anchor to your source.

We all seek a source even if we are not aware of it, it is just what we do as humans. We think a new car, a relationship with a certain person, a new job, more money, a house, some exciting experience, validation, or accomplishments will give me life. We pick just about anything to be our source. All these things are gifts from the abundant source but are not the actual source, but we think small and pursue “stuff” thinking these gifts are where life comes from. When this happens the gifts become our counterfeits. A huge part of our problem is that we have attached ourselves to so many things that fail to give us a solid sense of life. We have tons of counterfeits, which could be as simple as a certain outcome (having a woman validate me, have sex with me or notice me) or pursuing something that would make me feel like life is worth living (that right job or promotion, new car, a beautiful woman, my next drug fix, etc…).

Where have you been seeking to find life?

What counterfeits have had you on bunny-trails looking for life, only to come up in emptiness or shame? These counterfeits have been called attachments, idols or illusions and part of finding the true source requires you to find your list of counterfeits. This is a journey many men refuse to take. Since life is much bigger than you, to become the man you’ve been designed to be, you must identify your counterfeits and find your true source of life. Then anchor to your true source with your consistent daily practice.

Anchoring is a moment by moment practice which involves main two things; 1) connectingto your true Source of Life and 2) detaching from counterfeits and attachments.

Anchoring is identifying my true source of life, intentionally developing a Daily Practice, practicing Personal Check-In/Non-judgmental observing, CONNECTING, TRUSTING and ABIDING in my source of life and developing non-attachment to all the stuff I have become attached to that I think life comes from.

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