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There are 7 Solid Core Articles, You just read the first – “Get Started Now” now you know that you have all the tools you need already inside you, you’ll also need a map or blueprint (Which the Solid Core Articles outline), Get some other men to join you, You’ll need to want this (If you’re still reading, that’s proof), Get other help as needed – counselors, pastors, mentors, Get ready to practice and remember you don’t need permission or much money.

Here is the outline of the 6 other articles: (Right now they are under construction)

Article 2 – Manhood Defined

In this article I lay out the core principles of what defines masculinity. We’ll leave behind outdated stereotypes and beliefs that are just plain false. It is important to understand a clear definition of your core as a man. If you don’t know what you are made of and made for, you will miss your own heart. I call my definition “Masculinity 2×4”, there are 2 main categories each with 2 sub-categories. First category is “Heart” and the sub-categories under that are Emptiness and Expansiveness. The second category is “Spine” and the two sub-categories are Strong and Solid.

Article 3 – 8 Concepts a Solid Man Must Understand

This article outlines 8 concepts which must be understood if you are going to walk as a solid man. These concepts are; 1) Shame, 2) External Validation, 3) Narrative; Identity or Solid Sense of Self, 4) Integrity, 5) Intuition- Emotional Awareness, SDR, 6) Intention, 7) Power For, and 8) Thumos.

Article 4 – 5 Shifts to Become Solid

There are changes that must happen in your life to become the man you want and need to be. This article outlines the primary shift and four secondary, but important shifts a man must make in his life. The primary shift is represented by the Roman Numeral 16, XVI. This represents the shift from externals to internals. This ongoing shift is followed by shifts of        Counterfeits to Source, Reflected Self to Solid Self, Covert to Overt and Victim to Creator.

Article 5 – 4 Questions a Man Must Answer

these primary “existential’ questions must be pondered and processed. You must take the time to consider, search out and develop a strong foundation of meaning in your life. And it must not be found in a woman or work. These questions are; Where Does Life Come From? (Source), Who Am I? (Identity), What do I want? (Desire) and Where am I going? (Purpose).

Article 6 – 5 Practices of a Solid Man

The development and maintenance of a Solid Life requires ongoing practice. You must become well-practiced and adept at these simple practices. The practices are; Anchoring, Remembering, Self-Care-02 Mask, Living from the Heart and Creating the Life you Want.

Article 7 – 7 Pitfalls a Solid Man Must Avoid

The 7 pitfalls are a list of highly probable problems that many men fall into as they seek to live life. The pitfalls just give you a quick look at possible obstacles to overcome and keep from falling into. The pitfalls are; External Validation, Externally Driven, Emotional Unavailbility, Isolation, Silence, Victimhood and Pleasing.

The articles are in order of importance to read, however they are under construction at this point. Just get moving.

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